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Sewing Lessons Online

Make Clothes You Love.

Learn sewing, pattern making and styling from professional dressmaker and qualified stylist. With our lessons, you learn to draft patterns which fit for you and your body type. Also, you learn how to turn old clothes into new favorites. With our pro tips & techniques, your clothes start to look like store bought.

Or why not start right away with our super easy shirt dress freebie?

KLIK Here to start your sewing journey

Or would you like to wear this season must-have pieces ? Those garments which you see in the fashion magazines and the style blogs but the ready-to-wear sizes does not fit for you. Sometimes fashion pieces are expensive and beyond your budget. You might be also living somewhere else than in fashion capitals like London and Paris. Quite a problem, isn't?


With our DIY FASHION you will learn to make following this season must-have pieces.


As a solution to a problem, you have bought tons of fabrics, patterns, and sewing techniques books to get sewing done. Still magic does not happen as often you would like to.  And when it happens, you realize that after a while hardly made look looks boring and outdated.  Frustrating, isn't it?

I have been there, believe me. I have been trying hundreds of ready-to-made patterns over the years. Well, the patterns worked well for babies and toddlers. Could you believe that even having a waist was a problem? I only taught that not to have one is the problem.

 I believe that fashion and style belong to everyone. Even if you don't live in a big fashion city like London or Paris you can still get the latest styles. This time they will be exactly what you want and fit you because you have learnt the professional tips and  tricks.

 Therefore we decided to share my knowledge fraction of fashion school costs.

DIY FASHION (coming soon)

making new clothes from scratch



upcycling outdated and recycling old


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